Frequently Asked Questions


 I forgot my Username / Password, or they do not seem to work?

From the appropriate Login screen, click on the Forgot Username? or Forgot Password? hyperlink for help. The information will be e-mailed to you. Note that both your Username and Password are CASE-sensitive.



 I haven't received any notification e-mails from you since signing up. What gives?

 First of all, please check that the e-mail address in your profile or Ad is correct.And then check your junk mail folder.


 Can you provide me the contact details of other Users?

 We cannot do so as we place high importance on the privacy of our Users. You may view our Privacy Statement for more details. To contact a User who has posted an Ad, you have to click on the Reply to Ad hyperlink at the bottom of the Ad. He/she will receive a notification e-mail and will subsequently respond to you.



 I have not received a response since sending a Reply. What should I do?

 Try writing again to the other User. To show your sincerity it is best to avoid one-liner messages. Courtesy also helps. However, even the best message does not guarantee a reply. There are usually a few reasons for this:


The person is busy and doesn't check his or her e-mail very often. Be patient and try waiting at least a week.

The person may be getting a large number of replies, so he/she hasn't had time to get back to everyone.

Your message may not have connected with the person.

The final point happens quite frequently, just as it can in real life. If you don't get a reply in a week or so, try re-writing your message, possibly in a different manner. However, don't be too persistent. If you don't hear from the person after the third message, maybe it's time to move on. There are plenty of other matching Ads out there!




  How do I respond to Users who have replied to my Ad?

When another User replies to your Ad, you will automatically receive a notification e-mail. You can respond to the reply by using the hyperlink provided in the e-mail. Do NOT reply directly to this e-mail else your response will not reach the intended party. This is because the sender and return-address of the notification e-mail is an automation system.



 How many Ads can I post?

 You may post any number of Ads as long as they are relevant to the categories that you are posting in, and that they are not repeated Ads.



 Can you help me to post/edit/delete my Ad or to upload photos?

 No, it is our policy not to modify any Ad content on behalf of our Users. This is to maintain Users' accountability for Ad content.




 I wish to stop receiving replies, auto-notifications, or other emails. What should I do?

 As long as your Ad is still running, it will continue to attract replies. If you do not wish to receive any more replies, please delete your Ad. If you do not wish to receive any more auto-notifications, please delete your Auto-Notify agent. Notification emails sent from our system contain easy instructions to unsubscribe.



 I wish to delete my account. What should I do? Can I sign-up again in future if my account is deleted?

 Please click here to notify us to delete your account. You will at any time be able sign-up for our services again.



Please do NOT reply to the notification e-mails. Your response will not reach us, because the sender and return-address of the notification e-mails is an automation system.